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Ever search and not find what your favorite band is wearing?
K-world Style is here to help! 
We love hearing what you all want us to find, but to do so, we need you to follow our guidelines.

    Artist: Give us the name of the artist/band/etc.  
    Item of clothing: In this section please put a PICTURE. Videos and dead links will be deleted.
    Where worn: Where this artist has worn it. If you can, include a date. (not necessary)
    Other info: Any relevant information.                                                                                  "

    Use Disqus' voting system to prioritize your requests.

    We prefer if you put a name with the comment. Anonymous requests will be the lowest priority*. Those who have commented before on the site has the highest priority. 

    We apologize beforehand if we don't find your request; we are always really busy here at K-world Style, but we try to get to as many requests as possible. Also note that many clothes worn by Kpop idols are custom.

    Be thankful of the readers that comment and help you with your request. Even if you don't give us a thanks, give them a thanks.

    *There are too many anonymous comments that don't follow the rules. Often, the same person would request many things using different comments. We can see the IP of all commenters. Also, anonymous can be anyone, often just a passerby of the site. I personally, don't want to see our writers time go to waste. 
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