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K-world Style 
[kay-wurld steyel]
where kpop fashion lives

 A blog run by a group of kpop lovers. We are dedicated to finding the style of k-pop, k-drama, and anything "k-world". We opened on October 4th, 2009, and we have changed a lot in the past years. Our little, fashion-haven specializes in finding specific articles of clothing worn by k-pop artists and sharing that knowledge with the world. The blog also does "Get the Looks" which recommends cheaper clothing that can emulate the much pricier style of a k-pop artist. We have some fun segments that interact with the readers including "Guess the Clothing" and polls on "Who Wore it Better?". We are always creating new segments as we grow with our readers. 
Contact us at [email protected].

This blog is now defunct.
Someone tried to hijack everything while I was busy with school.

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