More finds from Block B's 'H.E.R' music video!

Taeil wearing the Loiter Squad Dark Shark Tee from Golf Wang. No buylink since sold out items are deleted from Golf Wang's site.

  At long last, Block B finally ditched the KTZ for a much brighter, colorful, fun, cuter look (perfect for summer!) in their new music video 'H.E.R'. Has anyone noticed that many of the sultry, dark concepts happen during winter? How depressing. For this scene, the colors of the clothing won't completely match up with their stock photos because the hue/tint has been edited to make the colors pop more.

Hi Kstylists! We are very pleased to announce that K-world Style will be paneling at this year's KCON in Los Angeles, California. Our writer Shelley will be representing the site.

Girl's Day came back this July with a diferent image than what we got used to since 'Expectation'.
In my opinion Girl's Day is a group that can pull off both the cute and the sexy concept.
On July 13, Girl's Day released their 'Darling' MV which is cute, bubbly and perfect for the summer.

In one of the scenes Minah wore the Lotus Printed Armhole Shirt from Stylenanda.
Buy it here
And sorry for the angry Minah but I couldn't make a better screencap hehe

Who: INFINITE's Sungyeol
Where: 140707 'High School: Love On' press conference
What: White shirt from Cy Choi's S/S 2014 collection

Here's a little quick find from Girl's Generation Sooyoung
They've just dropped their Japanese "The Best" album and this looks to be from their promotional looks.
This Instagram update shows Sooyoung in G.V.G.V. trademark "Please kill me" Pink T-shirt. However I'm unable to find a working buylink for it.
Hey guys sorry for the long hiatus, I had exams and projects and all that good stuff.
Did you guys missed me? I missed you hehe.
Since I've been away I've gathered a bunch of finds and hopefully I'll begin to post them soon.
For the first find I have Sulli's adorable t-shirt from her newest Etude House CF. Did you see it? It's really cute. If you want you can check it here
Sulli is wearing the Eye print t-shirt from MSGM's Toiletpaper collection and guess what? It's 50% off and really affordable, so if you want it you better hurry.
Buy it here

For 100%'s comeback this month, they traded in their dark image from March for a cuter and brighter one. Let's see what some of them wore in their most recent music video, 'U Beauty'.

Chanyong wore the KKXX-TO-1046B from Stylenanda on top (buy here) and the CASH ONLY Stripe Crewneck from SNOB underneath (buy here). He seems to have black long sleeve shirt underneath the SNOB sweatshirt as well. Doesn't he feel hot wearing all those layers? 

The front of the restaurant (source)
The soup
Recently I went to visit one of my friends (KS) who lives very close to Annandale, VA, which is a sort-of Koreatown situated in Northern Virginia. With her not having much experience with Korean food, we decided to go for a fare consisting of two popular Korean street food dishes, ddukbokki and kimbap. For those of you who may not know these dishes, ddukbokki is rice cakes in a chili sauce, and kimbap is rice rolls with different ingredients in them. kimbap is said to be "Korean sushi", although it doesn't usually contain fish. To start the meal, our waitress brought us a miso-type-soup and some sweet radishes. The kitchen prepared our meal very quickly, and so we were feasting on yummy ddukbokki and kimbap. Since KS was the Korean-food newbie, I had her review Red Holic based on three categories: the service, the atmosphere, and of course, the food:

"My experience at the restaurant Red Holic in Annandale, Virginia, was excellent. The prices were reasonable, and the large portion sizes made it easy and convenient for two people to split the platter. The atmosphere of Red Holic was comfortable and cultured, with small facts about Korean culture on the walls, and vibrant Korean music playing throughout our experience. The service at Red Holic was very professional and efficient. The server described the food options in detail, which was beneficial considering my vegetarian diet, and she answered my questions thoroughly. Our food was served in a timely manner; it took less than ten minutes to receive our dishes. My favorite food was the dukbokki: a blend of chili sauce, soft rice cakes, kimchi, fish cakes, and boiled eggs. I really enjoyed how the dukbokki was spicy and savory, and full of flavor. The portion size offered was filling, and it was a great lunch option. The kimbap was also flavorful and served as a hearty meal; it complemented the dukbokki dish well. I enjoyed dipping the kimbap into the chili sauce. After my great experience at Red Holic, I will definitely be going there again in the future!"

Service: 5/5
Food: 5/5
Atmosphere: 4/5


Now, here are some fun pictures we took to finish: 

The cute wall of messages and dreams 
KS enjoying her radish
The dukbokki and kimbap meal looking yummy
We also ordered some cheese kimbap.


Do not take without proper credit!
Image Credits: myself, as linked
During f(x)'s comeback stage on 140704 KBS2 Music Bank for their song 'Milk', they wore pieces from ARCHE's S/S 2014 collection. I can't find or make a good quality screencap of their performance, but their photocards from their Red Light album has them wearing the same clothes since the images were taken backstage.

Here is what their group photocard looks like:

Another thing I unfortunately can't do is copy and paste the images of the exact pieces the girls wore so you can check out the collection for yourself here.

Many Korean celebrities besides f(x) have been wearing this all too-familiar Grecian leaf print. 

  (๑◕ฺ‿◕ฺ๑) Shelley
  Do not take without proper credit!
Image Credits: fxhk (as watermarked)

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