Teen Top has come a long way and upgraded their fashion to luxury brands. In their 'Missing' MV, I made a couple of Chunji finds that I am relatively confident in. I may have made a few other finds but the music video was a bit too dark for me to be absolutely sure. 

Chunji is wearing the Leopard print lamé blazer (also called Black & Gold Leopard Brocade Tuxedo Blazer) by Saint Laurent. Buy it here for 3450 USD.
Underneath he is wearing the Lion Printed T-shirt by Balmain. The black one he's wearing is sold out but you can still get the white one here.

Random note: Teen Top now has songs called, "Miss Right", "Missing You", and "Missing". When it comes to searching for one of them, the search results are a mix of those three songs :P

  (ॢ˘⌣˘ ॢ⑅) Shelley

Do not take without proper credit!
Image Credits: TOP Media, mytheresa, farfetch
  In this post Chen is wearing jumpers/pullovers/sweatshirts for the Nylon Korea Magazine September 2014 issue.
One of my friends (shout out to Lia) got the Memebox #12 from Memebox this summer and volunteered to share what she got in her box. The two following pictures list the products included in the Memebox she received.

Hey guys, do you remember the message I left on A Pink's Hayoung's O'2nd shirt post to www.jiepaidao.com telling them to stop copying our finds............. well they stole that find too with the same pictures........I think they got the message......NOT.
How can anybody be so rude???????
Sorry guys if this stealing will continue I'll have to resign....I can't handle the pressure anymore.....I'm sorry

I just hope they won't take this find because this find I actually discovered in the H&M store while shopping.
Krystal's sweater from her and Jessica's Lapalette pictures is from H&M.
Buy it here
I only found the white version online but in stores I saw the blue one....so if you want the same colour head to your nearest H&M store and I'm sure you'll find it

Who: Sooyoung from SNSD
Where: Atria Party Fashion Show & Launching Event
What: Tuck Wide Pants from Happening 
Buy here
  (ॢ˘⌣˘ ॢ⑅) Shelley

Do not take without proper credit!
Image Credits: sports.kyunghang, Wconcept, second photo unknown (if they're yours let us know)

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Please kill me?
Pink Suits 

Who: Gong Hyo Jin
Where: It's Okay It's Love Drama
What: KEEPAIRFRESH PRINT T in white by Locle By Low Classic 
Buy here

What better than to be helpful and provide buylinks (in English)? I went to the original site where the MCM x EXO Collaboration photos are and it's great that they saved me a bunch of time from doing finds, but no buylinks in English!! Plus if someone who can't read Korean actually wanted to buy, he/she would have a very difficult time checking out. Here are buylinks in English.

WARNING: Image heavy

Who: Krystal from f(x)
Where: OnStyle's variety TV show Jessica & Krystal
What: Basic Dress_check by SORT (Buy here)

我们看到您们剽窃我们的时尚文章, 没有注明文章的出处是我们的注明文章出处或停止剽窃我们的博客文章。我们投入了大量的精力才找到这些名牌的来源。

www.jiepaidao.com if you're reading this....please stop copying our finds, as well as the finds from other sites.
They use the same photos that we post and they even crop our watermark....I mean, come on at least make your own screencaps
You even copy finds that we post after 5 months the second day
Sorry guys that you had to read this but they won't stop stealing and I don't know what else to do..... I even thought of stop making posts :(

Okay.....so for today's find we have another item from my wishlist fulfilled by A pink (check the other one here)
Since this is one of the 'old' finds I can't remember from where it is.
A Pink's Hayoung wore the Clown shirt from O'2nd (it is also available in white)
Buy it here
Isn't the shirt awesome?

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