To all Shawols who know about PINee, our beloved Pineapple friend who accompanied Leader Onew to Thailand in One Fine Day.

Well...I'm sorry to bring you this news but it looks like he's moved on to the afterlife to be used as a beverage.
What makes me say that you may ask?
Because today on September 26th 2015 at the airport, on the way to Thailand (what a coincidence!) for SHINee World Concert IV, Taemin was seen wearing the Saint Laurent Pinaskullada Printed Skate Lace-up Sneakers in White & Black

 It's sold out but do take a closer look at the cute and funny little shoes here 

Hahaha 'Pinaskullada'! What an awesome name, so amusing!
And YAY to making a post in forever! 


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Image Credits: Taemining, With Taemin, YSL
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