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Request: Hyomin's Nice Body

A request by Luxluna von Rettberg for pieces in Hyomin's Nice Body MV ^_^

Hyomin is wearing the Silk Short Blouson Jacket by Low Classic
No Buy Link (sorry ●︿● )

Hyomin is wearing a top based on the HELL YE$ Crop Top by DI$COUNT UNIVER$E
 Sold Out 

I admit defeat on these two unless one of the other admins can find these pieces.
The 34 24 36 Leotard I feel was made just for her as the numbers represent her measurements

The K Cheerleader Dress is from Opening Ceremony for sure but I can't find an original picture of the item.

Till the next find~


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Image Credits: lowclassic.com, discountuniverse.com.au
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