PSA on Passing Off Requests as Own Finds

It has come to my attention that there are individuals who run their own K-pop fashion blogs and post their requests here. When we fulfill their requests, they take that information and post them and pass them off as their own finds without crediting us. 

I find this outright offensive and extremely disrespectful to the writers here who volunteer their precious time looking for the items.  Perhaps the offenders do not know better, so I reached out to the people we suspect for this kind of behavior asking them to credit us. The ones who do what we ask will be forgiven.
Here at K-world Style, we try our best to credit everyone who provide us tips and we expect the same thing done for our tips. All that we ask is for you to credit us if we fulfilled your request and you post it somewhere else. 

Right now, the request page is still open to readers who make genuine requests for their own personal purposes such as cosplaying or wanting to buy the item. I will delete requests posted by the offenders who do not comply to my message so the other writers do not waste their time on them.
The problem is we cannot catch everyone who is posting our request fulfillments as their own finds. If I keep seeing this type of obnoxious and rude behavior, the only way to completely stop it from happening is to shut down the request page and stop answering any requests. It would be a shame for a group of bad apples to ruin it for everybody else because K-world Style really does want to help others. 
Dear readers, if you suspect any writers, blogs, or website engaged in the aforementioned type of activity, please report it to us at [email protected] It would be really appreciated!
Do not take without proper credit!
Image Credits: SM Entertainment (screenshot taken by Mamashinki)
From TVXQ's "Something" MV
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