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MONSTA X's 'Rush' (Soccer/Football Jersey Version)

MONSTA X made a comeback with 'Rush (신속히)' that featured many outfits ranging from monochrome to colorful. This post is dedicated to all the members wearing soccer/football jerseys. Forgive me if I got their names wrong, they are new to me and I did my best.
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Minhyuk is wearing the Adidas AC Milan 2014/2015 Soccer Jersey. Buy here.
 (With CNBLUE and BtoB already having Minhyuks I would think he would've come up with a stage name)

Kihyun is wearing the Adidas Argentina 2014 Home Jersey. Buy here.

I.M is wearing the 2015/16 Arsenal Home Jersey. You can buy it at the Puma online store.


Hyungwon is wearing the Liverpool FC 2015/2016 Away Jersey. You can buy it at the New Balance online store.

Wonho is wearing the Adidas AC Milan Home Jersey. Buy here.

Jooheon is wearing the Adidas Juventus 2015/2016 Home Jersey. Buy here.

Shownu is wearing the Adidas Juventus 2015/2016 Away Jersey. Buy here.
His Touch Me and Die beanie is by MadeMe, sold out

٩(๑˃ᴗ˂)و Shelley

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