iKON's 'Rhythm Ta'

Hello everyone! It's been long since I posted :X
iKON has released yet another music video for 'Rhythm Ta', and I gotta say I actually prefer this concept than 'Airplane' and 'My Type' simply because the bass beats are slightly stronger than the two others - which are more soulful and melodic - and it is more dubstep-ish...? (I suck at describing music)
Anyway let's go straight into the fashion finds!

Army of Me T-Shirt by Hood By Air (HBA)
Click here to buy.
Comes in a sweatshirt, and also in green.

(apologies for the blurry picture, it is hard to capture a still cut when they are moving about so much D:)
'Givenchy Paris' Print Destroyed Columbian-fit t-shirt in black by Givenchy from the Givenchy Fall Winter 2015 Ready-To-Wear collection.
Click here to buy.

White Arch Logo Snapback Cap by Billionaire Boys Club 
(I think he also wears one in red)
Click here to buy.

Supreme Mesh Coffin Hat by Supreme
(Also comes in other colours)
Click here to buy.

Supreme x ANTIHERO Football Top by a collaboration between Supreme x ANTIHERO
Click here to buy. (most places only sell the top in black)
Cr: Soompi for the poster image. (He wears it in the MV too)

Hope you enjoyed it!

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