iKON's 'My Type' (2)

More clothes from the MV 'My Type' with iKON. In the music video you can see them wear both suits and street fashion. Street fashion is more easier for me to recognize thats why we are going for it.

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I'm going to start with the last member to join iKON, Chanwoo. He is wearing a OFF WHITE College jacket with the color green, but it also have the color black if you prefer that. Buy it here.

In the beginning of the MV, we have Bobby wearing a necklace from AMBUSH Design called Dreamcatcher Pendant. Buy it here.  I also think that the other members are wearing accessories from AMBUSH Design but it isn't much focus on them then.

And the last picture for this time is also Bobby wearing a OFF WHITE 3D Hooded Sweatshirt from OFF WHITE.  Unfortunately this hoodie they only sell it in stores, but check it here.

This is all from me this time, now I will focus on my studies. See you all later!


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