iKON's 'Airplane' (2)

As I promise you guys that more finds will be out, here is my second post for iKON's 'Airplane'. This time with more clothes and more members, lets check it out. 

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First out is B.I wearing a shirt from the Japanese brand Wacko Maria with the text "There Is Always Sunshine In My Heart" unfortunately the shirt is sold out, so there is no buylink.

Next we have Donghyuk. He is wearing Supreme Classic Logo Suede 5-panal, I think that this snapback really looks good since the green color match so good with red. Buy it here.

Jinhwan is wearing a Pocket coat from Stone Island. The color he is wearing is sold out, so its only in gray left. Check it out here.

And lets go back to B.I before this post ends. The boots is called ROTHCO G.I. Type Sierra Sole boots from Rothco. Its the same boots that both Taeyang and G-Dragon from BIGBANG worn under Infinty ChallengeBuy it here.

So this was all I have for this time, hope to see you guys soon.

Good Night!

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