Who wore it better? Key or Gongchan

So as I was watching todays KBS A Song For You 4 with the guest INFINITE. I saw that the MC Gongchan from B1A4 was wearing a sweater that I have seen before. And the only site that does fashion reviews is us on Kworld Style. I want back a few pages and found it.

The sweater is from the Korean brand Used Future, the shirt is sold out. But, it can be bought as a t-shirt. Check the shop here.

A bonus the brand does not only have Super Broccoli, but also Super Corn and Super Sardines. All can be bought online here.

Who do you think wore it best, comment below and this is my first 'Who wore it better' what do you think about it?

Thank ya!

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Image Credits: KBS A Song For You, Instagram: bumkeyk, Usedfuture.com
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