'STEALER' here to steal your attention!

Good evening all readers! I want to introduce the Korean eyewear brand STEALER, this brand have been worn by various korean artists, actor and actress. So I decided to pick out a few off them and write about it.
Here we have Zion.T wearing a Veiler sunglasses in the MV 'Sold Out' by Yankie which he is featuring in.  The sunglasses comes in 5 different colors and this one of them. Buy your example here.

Next up is Haha or Ha Dong Hoon wearing the sunglasses called HORIZON in the color black. The picture is from MBC Infinity Challenge episode 439. Buy it here.

And the last person I picked is G-Dragon also wearing HORIZON in the color gold.  And this is picture is also from the same episode of MBC Infinity Challenge that Haha appears in. The episode is for the Music Festival, which is going the be aired soon. Buy the gold ones here.

My favourite sunglasses from STEALER from is one pair the called Granny so check their website for all their collection that can be bought HERE. So get your sunglasses now when the sun is still out^^

More sunglasses will be coming soon, stay tuned in.


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Image Credits: stealer.co.kr,  스틸러 Stealer

스틸러 Stealer

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