SNSD's 'Party' Comeback Stage

Hi guys!
This is from SNSD's 'Party' Live Comeback Stage 20150711. I know it's a pretty old performance which happened a week or so back, but I loved their outfits and had to do some finding :)

All of their outfits that I'll be mentioning are from Phillip Plein which is usually black and white/monochrome-ish style, but this particular collection is very unique and different than usual as it sports bright red sequin-y lips and embroidered on denim vests and skirts.

Yoona and Sunny: 'Flawless' T-shirt (currently out of stock) The stylist cut the sleeves off for Sunny's. And Yoona's a crop one in black (?)
Click here to view.
Yoona's skirt is the same skirt as Taeyeon's and Seohyun's just in the colour black.

Tiffany: 'Lips To Lips' gilet denim vest. Click here to buy
(the blue is sold out on many sites such as farfetch and lyst)

Taeyeon: Let's Dance Denim Skirt White 
Click here to buy.
'Lot Of Love' sweatshirt
Click here to buy.

Yuri: Big Kisses T-Shirt (not the same but similar pattern)
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Seohyun: Kisses top (the stylist probably cut off the sleeves)
(buy-link not available)
'Let's Dance' denim skirt
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Sooyoung: Hello Slim Fit Jeans
Same Kisses top as Seohyun just cropped.
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Sorry for the lousy quality pictures; internet is really bad in my house and apparently 1020p does not work :/ and having to screencap a perfect HD non-pixelated image of them while they are dancing is no easy feat :(

Oh and apologies as I can't seem to find Hyoyeon's white vest, initially I thought it was the exact same one as Tiffany's just in white, but as I was editing the pictures I realise they were really different. So I decided not to add that in yet and maybe will do it later.


Note to readers:
Just to clear any confusion, these finds were made by me and I did not copy it off any site. Had to make it clear because as I was searching for the outfits I noticed the search results gave me the other sites' finds (rest assured I did not plagiarise anything!). But yeah, I just wanted to avoid any potential confusion or conflict :)

I also realised while browsing that Shelley posted a find of Girl's Day 'Ring My Bell' and Yura wore something similar (from the same collection) of J'adore Plein, so do check that one out! (links are below)

Which style did you like the best?

Have a great day!


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