SNSD Lion Heart (1)

Lazy Oaf Edition

(How cute and dorky do the girls look *fangirls* )

Well this post felt like it would took ages to find and collage until I realised literally everything was from the same brand, Lazy Oaf <3 Totally suits the theme and I instantly recognised their quirky, bright style~ Let's begin and bring me some pizza! ;)

Taeyeon is wearing the Tomorrow Stripe Shirt by Lazy Oaf
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Sunny is wearing the Drunk Alley Cats Shirt by Lazy Oaf
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Tiffany is wearing the Ponytail Shirt by Lazy Oaf
(she looks so freaking adorable in this screencap) 
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Hyoyeon is wearing the Cat Cluster Shirt by Lazy Oaf
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Seohyun is wearing the Sunglasses Dress by Lazy Oaf
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Yoona is wearing the Pastel Brick Shirt by Lazy Oaf
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Yuri is wearing the Under the Sea Dress by Lazy Oaf
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And last but not least my stunning bias <3
Sooyoung is wearing the Slogan Shirt
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Best Lazy Oaf outfit goes to...Tiffany!!
She looks so serious yet cute in this screencap~

Comment your favourite Lazy Oaf outfit!
Till the next find~

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