Kang Gary's outfit etc.

So if you have been watching the variety show Running Man you maybe have been noticed at the intro that Gary have been wearing snapbacks with the print HalyangHalyang is a brand that Gary himself have been launching for his fans and other people that appreciate the print. Halyang is a meaning that Gary got from a fortune teller which means "Halyang is the traveling noble men from the olden days, that is to say even without working, one is able to enjoy life".

Gary and Halyang are not only focusing on snapbacks, they are also working to be make clothes, so the top that he is wearing on the Running Man intro episode 253 is also from Halyang. They are working on jackets and shirts that will be coming soon.

And of course other famous artists and also his fellow Running Man members have been helping Gary out by wearing his brand on tv and photos.


We have Loco and Jay Park wearing it on Show Me The Money 4, Song Ji Hyo in the Running Man filming and Baekhyun from EXO at it looks like airport fashion.

So don't forget to support Gary by maybe buying something from his brand here or at least take a look on the website. Follow Halyang on Instagram to get the latest update they have here.

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