Hyuna's 'Because I'm The Best (Roll Deep)' MV

Hello everyone! 4Minute's Hyuna came back recently as a solo performer for her song 'Because I'm The Best (Roll Deep)' ft BTOB's Ilhoon. The song is actually really catchy, and speaking of catchy, the boldness does catch your eyes.
I quite like this MV and song; I don't know about you, but personally, I just find the whole 'BDSM-esque' scene (when Hyuna's was playing with the whips and the masked 'slaves') a little below the belt (get it hahh) for K-POP... Maybe it's just me, but oh well Hyuna, you do you :) And this is a Hyuna MV, and she's well-known for her dance and sex-appeal...so what can you expect haha.

But I still had plenty fun finding for her outfits, they were not too hard per se, but a lot of them has 'knock-offs' or similar items selling online, and because of that I can't really tell which one is the actual one. So this post will not only be about her finds, but also a 'Get the Look'...?

Here goes!


Heart Pullover Hoodie Jacket in Pink by Drinkscancode. Click here to buy.

Stussy PPP Low Soft Ballcap by Stussy. Click here to buy.

Chanel Choker necklace made with suede and rhinestones by Chanel. Click here to buy. (The suede band comes in other colours)
She also wore a Chanel fingerless glove but I can't find the item or buy-link :(

Lace Logo Bralette by Victoria's Secret. Click here to buy. Comes in 6 other colours.


Now the next few items onwards are those that look very similar to the original one she wore, it could be the same or not hence I'm not too sure. But I thought I should just put it out there.

Dollar Sign Sunglasses
Click here to buy.

Thigh High Lace Up Cut Out Boots by Chiko Chiara

Click here to buy.

Chanel Gold Pendant Necklace by Chanel
(Unfortunately I can't find the buy-link)

Hope you enjoyed this!


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