Who wore it best? SM Eye Patch Edition

One of our supporters Alexander To messaged us with a fantastic "who wore it best" suggestion regarding eye patches that SM artists wore during their promotions. He recently noticed that Key wore an eye patch during SHINee's "Odd Eye" 150618 M Countdown Special Stage and it made him remember when f(x) wore eye patches during their "Red Light" promotional period.

While eye patches do serve functional purposes, in this case the SM artists wore them to suit their concepts. In Key's case, the lyrics of "Odd Eye" talk about having eyes on someone and how he wants to see her eyes. As for f(x) it's telling a guy they're with in a confusing relationship to open his eyes wide. 

Whether it be because of how the eye patch looks itself,
how it suits their faces, and/or for other reason(s), who do you think wore it best?



Personally, my favorites are Krystal and Key because of how intense their gazes are through one eye. The eye makeup is done well.

˛₍˴◅ˋ)੭✧ Shelley

(I know we usually say "who wore it better" but since there are more than two nouns being compared it's "who wore it best". I hope this helps for those studying for their SATs or essay writing in general :P)

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