Girl's Day's 'Ring My Bell' (2)

As promised, here are more finds from Girl's Day's "Ring My Bell" MV. 

It seems like stylists have modified all the outfits in this arcade/bar/lounge scene.

The lips saying "J'ADORE PLEIN!" design that Yura is wearing is from Philipp Plein. Couldn't find the exact shirt, but I found some variants of the same design. I have a feeling their stylist cut out the design and sewed it onto a mesh shirt because the angle of it on Yura is more lopsided than on the original shirts. Click on any of the shirts below to take a better look: 

Minah and Sojin's outfits are from Versus Versace. At least their prints are, which is called Multi Animal Baroque. Stylist(s) probably cropped the original T-shirts to turn them into the style they have now. Yura's shorts are also this print.

Multi Animal Baroque Skirt

Hyeri's dress is also from Versus Versace, but the print is called Optical Color.
I couldn't find the exact dress so either I didn't look hard enough or stylists modified it. 

I really like Versus Versace's rainbow prints :D

˛₍˴◅ˋ)੭✧ Shelley

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