Get the Look: SNSD's 'Party'

Hi everyone! 
Been long since I posted, and I figured since I did a Get the Look: SNSD's 'Catch Me If You Can', I should do one for SNSD's new hit, 'Party'. Unlike CMIYC, 'Party' portrays different members with their different style of clothing, so I can't generalise their whole concept into a single outfit; rather, I've picked a couple of pieces that are similar to what SNSD wore in this teaser image below.

Summer is here for everyone to enjoy, and while unlucky people like me living in Australia, we have to survive the cold, barren winter. Brr. But for all y'all lucky people, 'tis the great time to be partying outside in the beach, and what more than to take out all your beach gears and have fun with all your mates!

This style is really easy, and as long as you have a simple white lace/crochet top, pair it with a pair of denim shorts, you're good to go! Or you can pick out your favourite white bikini, or you can choose to stay protected from the sun (remember your sunscreen lotion!) with a pretty white lacy dress. Lace/crochet is great to wear as it's relatively light-weight and flowy, so it won't get you perspiring under the sweltering sun.

Nonetheless, whatever your selection is, I've got it covered for you!
Without further ado, here are some of my finds!
(Since this is a 'get the look', I have labeled each find with the SNSD member that inspired me. Apologies as I do not have a find for every member!)

1. Embroidered Fringe Crop Top - $22.90 - Forever 21
2. Crochet-Trimmed Cami - $14.90 - Forever 21
3. Cropped Lace Cami - $9.90 - Forever 21
4. Halter Bralet In Hand Crochet - $55.34 - ASOS
5. Monki Crochet Lace Skater Dress - $59.30 - ASOS
6. Boxy Embroidered-Crochet Top - $24.90 - Forever 21
7. Only Distressed Jean Button Up Denim Shorts$52.00 $20.50 (Sale) - ASOS
8. Distressed High-Waist Cutoffs - $24.90 - Forever 21

(They also come in different colours!)

If you aren't a fan of lace/crochet patterns, no worries! Just wear your favourite white top and a pair of denim shorts, and maybe bump up your style by accessorising! 

Stacking up 'em 'arm candies' (bracelet/wristlets) and layering necklaces can give you a fun look too.

If you are lazy (like me) to find different bracelets to stack, just buy a set of bracelets instead! And if you don't like the feeling of multiple necklaces around your neck (it does get chunky and heavy and possibly suffocating after a while), take my advice and get a tiered necklace, not only does it look good, it lessens the load :)


1. Layered Faux Stone Charm Necklace - $6.90 - Forever 21
2. Faux Stone Bracelet Set - $4.90 - Forever 21
3. Charm Bracelet Set - $4.90 - Forever 21
4. Mini-Floral Head Crown - $4.90 - Forever 21

Majority of the apparels are from Forever 21, and I'm not affiliated to them or anything; in my opinion, they have a wider range of  pieces at lower prices compared to other shops like Topshop. I tried expanding my search to other sites but to little avail :(
Hope you enjoyed this! It was tiring but fun to find the different pieces haha!


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