Beast's 'YeY' (2)

Hey again! I took a closer look at the MV from BEAST and it was very fascinated, both the MV and the clothes that I found.
First up we have Hyunseung wearing a Green Camo Military Jacket  from Off-White, I couldn't find which collection it came from but I think its from one of the new ones. Could be bought here

After we have Doojoon wearing a t-shirt from the French brand CLUB LES (ART)ISTS. The t-shirt is sold out, I couldn't find it in there website or other websites, but they offer other beautiful clothes to be worn.

And the last for the post is with JunHyung again and this time he is wearing a Varsity Letter Jacket  from Off-White too. The jacket is from the old collections by Off-WhiteBuy it here

Thanks for this time and look forward to more posts on other artists or more from BEAST, seeya later everyone.


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Beast's 'YeY'

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