Red Velvet and Taemin for High Cut (2)

A continuation of Red Velvet and SHINee's Taemin feature in the 150th issue of Korean fashion magazine High Cut!

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Taemin here is wearing the Pocket hood sleeveless and either Canvas typo print slip ons (made of canvas) or Reverse lettering slip-ons (made of leather), both from SUPERCOMMA B. The guitar he is holding is a Squier by Fender Special Edition Standard Telecaster Black and Chrome Electric Guitar.

Too many items to edit again so here is the list of stuff these three Red Velvet members are wearing (all from SUPERCOMMA B):


Ankle stripe socks (Joy is also wearing these)

Symbol print oversize t-shirt

They are standing and stepping on the Marshall JVM410H All Tube Electric Guitar Amplifier Head.

Irene here by herself is wearing a Camouflage hat and Military print t-shirt.
She is also wearing the Lettering symbol running shoes (white) but I already edited the picture when I found them :P All from SUPERCOMMA B.

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