iKON for 'High Cut'

Before I even start, let me just get this out there.
iKON, my booboos, I miss you guys, and holy macarons do y'all look hella fine
Ahem. There I said it.
(now quickly debut them YG)
/whispers Jinhwan marry me/

I was scrolling through Soompi and I saw this post and I told myself "pft screw exams it's iKON". And hence I launched myself in a little hunt for their clothes, which was really convenient as I assumed they were endorsing the apparels of the same designer/brand due to their similar clothing styles.

iKON's tees are from a Korean brand called Nepa which collaborated with 오자화 for ‘NEPA X 오자화' 

(the ones worn by the members)
Yellow - Donghyuk  
Orange - Yunhyeong  
White - Chanwoo
(Pictures are all credited to Soompi, High Cut, Nepa and Newstomato)

Unfortunately, they do not show an enlarge version of the different shirt colours and they is no buy-link for this specific collection and I can't seem to find one. Their online store sells mainly camping/backpacking equipment, so you can still check it out if you're interested in that.

Their collection focuses on 'Greek mythology' and their designs features goats symbolises masculinity and desert foxes are the images of femininity (as quoted from website)...cool huh?

(Picture credits: Nepa)

Who do you think rocked this t-style the best?

Hope you enjoyed it!


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Image Credits: YG Entertainment, Nepa, Soompi, High Cut, Newstomato
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