SHINee's 'View' (2)

Hello! :)
I'm back to squeeze in some finds amidst my hectic work schedule /le cries.

In SHINee's MV 'View', we have Onew in his 'Champion USA' raglan top by the brand Champion. Unfortunately I can't seem to find the exact item and buy-link although I have searched for more than 2 hours at every inch and corner of their online store. (I'll still link the site if you want to check out the other apparels)

Then we have Key's Girl Power Jersey Combo from VFILES SPORT PLUS S/S '15 collection. It comes in Navy-Red, Black-Yellow and Green-Black. You can get it here.

I actually immediately recognised this from Hyunseung's 'Ma First' MV. One of the backup dancers was wearing a similar 'Girl Power' print but on a hoodie instead. You can get this hoodie here.

Lastly we have Minho in a Large Logo Mens T Shirt (muscle tank in the MV- sleeves were probably cut by his stylist) by Franklin and Marshall. I can't seem to find one of the colour grey though (I might not have searched meticulously enough) so here's the one in the colour black. You can get it here.

Jonghyun is wearing the Curtis Mayfield tee and Taemin is wearing a plain grey tank.

That's all for today folks! I will edit and add on to this if I manage to find the buylink of Onew's tee.

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