Key is a loser?

First I need to thank Koko for this find. On her Krystal post here she included a link for her find, where I came across a jacket which I had seen being worn before...

Specifically, last month on the 23rd of April
At Incheon airport on the on their way to the 'Fashion Passion' event in Brazil, SHINee's Key was wearing the Hyein Seo Embroidered Lab Coat from the F/W 2014 collection. It is sold out but you can still take a look at it here.

On this day he also posted pictures of himself with f(x)'s Amber, who was also going to the event, on instagram. (My f(Shawol) heart~)

I only just realised as I went back to this picture but he hashtagged "Hyeinseo" ahaha!

Lastly, you can watch this cute little fancam taken that day where Onew and Key ran to their terminal as they were late from being too busy shopping, here.


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