EXO in 'Dream Concert'

Heya! I am a few days too late with this post...welps better late than never! 
So recently EXO performed in 'Dream Concert', along with other artistes such as SHINee, INFINITE, 4MINUTE etc. I've got a couple of finds from mainly 2 brands, and also a bonus find at the end so read till the bottom to find out~
First up with Chanyeol - one glance and it's obvious it's from the brand Supreme (just like Stussy, Moschino, KKXX; they tend to design or add their stylised logo on a very conspicuous part of the apparel). Apparently both Drake (he is a very popular Canadian rapper) and Baekhyun have worn this at airports.
It's a Supreme x Comme des Garcons hoodie in red, and it also comes in black. I can't find a proper buylink for this item, but you can search it up on Ebay.com, just click here.

Next is Xiumin, Kai, Sehun, Chanyeol and Chen, all wearing different types of clothes from the same Japanese label Undercover. These are from the Spring/Summer 2015 Menswear collection, and it features pictures from the album cover 'Marquee Moon' by an American rock band called Television. (Cr: thebestfashionblog.com)
Note: the following buy-links are from a Japanese site and I'm not sure if they ship worldwide...I can't seem to find other buy-links :/)

Xiumin: Tee
(you can buy it here)

Chen: Jacket
(you can buy it here)

Chanyeol: A-line hooded anorak
  (you can buy it here)

Sehun and Kai: Ripped skinny jeans
(you can buy it here)

(sexy people urgh)

Last but not least - a bonus find that is NOT from the 'Dream Concert'. I was looking through Chanyeollie's Instagram and I saw this IG video of Kai trying out some kind of techno-idkwhat-gizmo sunglasses thing (uh, a little help here... if anyone knows?) 
But what I do know is his Wise Racing Jacket is from Supreme's 2013 Fall/Winter collection. Once again Supreme does not offer all its clothing for sale on their online store so I had to search, and you can either go on ebay or click here to purchase it on the global rakuten market.

Okay that's all for today! Hope you enjoyed this post :)

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Image Credits: SM Entertainment, Chanyeol's IG, Supreme, Undercover, Twitter: @EXO_FANBASE,  DearSunny, 아네모내, eukicks.com
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