CLC's 'Like' ('Curious')

After watching CLC's full MV 'Like' (궁금해 / Curious), it's as if I hit the mother lode from all the costumes and change of clothes in it. Too bad my memory isn't what it used to be because I recognize a lot of the clothes (many of which are Korean brands) but can't remember where they're from. Or maybe I have information overload in my brain and seen too many clothes to recall where they're all from.

Fortunately, I'm still able to make some finds. Quite a few more items are from Di$count Univer$e.

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Yujin is wearing the 'Zip It' Mini Dress. Buy here. Stylists shortened the dress to presumably fit her height.

Yujin is also wearing the Sequined Scenic Cactus Mini Dress. Buy here.

YeEun is wearing the 'Zip It' Crop Top and 'Zip It' Mini Shorts. I'm assuming the crop top is sold out but the shorts can be bought here.

* ི•̮͡ુ -ુ ྀෆ⃛* Shelley  ི-̮͡ू -ू ྀ

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