A.KOR-Black Unit Debut!

Hello everyone!
Minju and Kemy from A.KOR have comeback as a duo in unit group 'A.KOR-Black'!
Their title song is 'How We Do' which I don't think is out yet.

(Disclaimer: I'm guessing some people might not be happy with me talking about A.KOR due to the whole controversy surrounding Kemy dissing Park Bom but this is a fashion site and not a commentary blog so I will disregard that and just launch right into the finds!^^)

In this promotional videoKemy is seen wearing a long jersey t-dress called Fast Lane by HLZBLZ. You can purchase it here (it's pretty cheap).

And Minju is wearing a pink/red 'School Kills' denim jacket by Hyein Seo. You can purchase it here.

Hope you enjoyed this post!


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