Taemin's going to school

Hi all~ My first post heehee! 
Wow, I never thought there would be a day when I became a writer on K-World Style. I come to this blog a lot and comment...a lot hehe, and I had no idea I would even have a find so quick since I'm not good with recognising much fashion brands and I joined the team only the other day after being asked by Shelley- who is an awesome friend I was able to make thanks to this site~ >_< *gives Shelley a massive hug*

Anywho, on to the find! Just now I was watching SHINee's Taemin in a preview for the latest show he's cast on called Off To School, where idols go back to school and experience teenage school life once more. I couldn't help but find the style of text on his sweatshirt very familiar as it made me instantly think of an awesome paper cutting artist named Rob Ryan. I thought I'd search 'Rob Ryan sweater' and voila! I was right! 
(I love paper cutting myself which is why I was able to recognise it ^^)

Taemin is wearing a Juun.J x Rob Ryan collaboration sweatshirt in black. However I couldn't find this particular black sweatshirt design, only the t-shirt version- which you are able to purchase here.

Sorry if I rambled too much...^^;;
I'll keep it much shorter next time.


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