Hot or Not: Crazy K-POP Hairstyles

Disclaimer: Note to all that I am in no ways bashing/hating/dissing any of the idols that are to be mentioned. I am only keeping up with the professionalism as a fashion critique and I do not blame the fashion choices entirely on the idols themselves, nor on the fashion stylists. This will be based on my opinion, and if you disagree do feel free to express your views :) This is, after all, a 'Hot or Not' segment so it's all personal preference. :>

K-POP stars are known for their funky styles, addicting music and crazy fashion. This edition of Hot or Not I will be exploring the unforgivable, eccentric, and 'wtf' depths of cray cray hairdos. (because really, have you seen some of them hairstyles??)

I love all the idols and I respect their respective styles, albeit sometimes you just can't help but shake your head at some of their choices...*shakes head*

Now the term 'crazy', is really wide, ambiguous and debatable. There is good crazy (not really that crazy though)idols usually sport flashy hair colours or a myriad of different ones, almost like a rainbow. (I'm looking at ya Sehun) Their hairstyles are pretty tamed and even some of them are a definite HOT.

Wait a minute I see a trend in this. Seriously SM.

These are just a few I can think off the top of my head. I actually really like Taehyun's center parting, but some fans beg to differ. And Taemin as much as I love your luscious hair, those extensions have to go XD

Then there is the tolerable crazy. Idols with weird and even laughable hairstyles/colours that make you feel torn between wanting to cry over how hot bae is and wanting to scream at bae for that hairdo 'cause baby nah uh, you needa leave before that braided hair braids into my eyes. (Kai anyone?)

Etc. etc...but you get the idea.

And now, presenting the final and most despicable of them all - brace yourselves and prepare for the onslaught of the absolutely cray cray hairstyle that just boggles your mind out and have you blubbering because why, why in the world does a hairstyle like this even exist

(Sorry for the awkward placement of pictures...)
I actually feel sad for them :( Pity, pity.

We all know Sandara Park and G Dragon definitely win by a wide margin...I don't even need to put out every single one out there to prove my point. (Oh but good idea I might do that in a later post) And Block B seems to be catching up too. Everyone just wants the spotlight and a place on the 'Don't-Even-Go-There' list :)

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So what do you guys think? 
Which hairstyle do you think it Hot and which do you think is Not? Comment down below and feel free to disagree to anyone of them! 
If you have more suggestions of other K-POP idols with weird hairstyles, do comment too! I might've missed out some significant ones ^^


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