Get the Look: SNSD's 'Catch Me If You Can' MV

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GG is finally back with 'Catch Me If You Can' and boy am I impressed by their dance moves! Very different to their previous songs such as Mr. Mr. where they showcased classy and sophisticated sexy, this song blows your mind with their slightly rough, slightly grimy (in a very, very good way), tough but still sexy aura and overall topping it off with grunge-ish outfits.

Digressing a bit, before I became a KWS writer I often peruse the articles of fashion finds and realised most of the finds are really expensive (think designer brands), and as a reader and avid K-fashion person I find myself wanting to imitate or get inspirations from my favourite K-pop idol (who doesn't want to look like GD, really)

But of course me and expensive don't necessarily go together, and I doubt it will for many out there. So that's when 'Get the Look' comes into play! And who doesn't love cheap but great quality clothing?

Pic Cr:

This simple outfit consists of: 
Black bandeau/black cropped tank 
White cropped top - cut off at certain parts, smeared with a bit of grime and dirt and looking thoroughly distressed(?)
Obnoxiously neon lime green fingerless gloves
Dog tag
Hoop Earrings
Silver Buckle Belt
Dark camo trousers with chains dangling at their hips 
For their 'dupes'/'lookalikes' I managed to find these:
1. Cotton Crop Tank Top in Black - American Apparel - $19.50 (you can buy it on you can buy it here.
2. Cropped Crew Neck Tee in White - Forever 21 - $7.90 you can buy it here
3. Hank's Black and Silver Tone Dog Tag Necklace - Emitations - $16 you can buy it here
4. Oversized Hoop Earrings in Silver - Forever 21 - $3.90 you can buy it here
5. Faux Leather Square-Buckle Belt - Forever 21 - $5.90 you can buy it here
6. Columbia Silver Ridge Printed Pant - Zappos - $65 you can buy it here (This is pretty pricey but I chose this one because this is the most similar in pattern and colour to the one SNSD wears) or alternatively you can search for other cheaper ones here.
7. Textured Faux Leather Hiking Boots - Forever 21 - $27.80 you can buy it here

Phew that's a lot!
Note: if you are thinking of putting up an outfit similar to this, you can always find alternative and cheaper clothing to the ones I mentioned above, especially for both the tops and accessories. Experiment and be creative, sister! :)

I realise most of the items are from Forever 21...Welp I'm not biased nor am I affiliated towards F21 -  I've never really shopped there before (there aren't many F21 stores in Australia and especially where I live) - but I guess this just makes it easier for you to browse through majority of the above items if you're interested in purchasing any of them.
Hope you enjoy this post!

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