EXO's 'Call Me Baby' (4)

Hey everyone! I'm back into the fashion find scene after two long weeks of exams and school being a major distraction from social network (yes, school is the bother, not internet...see what I did there)

Just to add on a few K-pop fashion MV finds to Shelley's on EXO's 'Call Me Baby', Chanyeol is seen wearing a black "We Rode Down The Path" tee by thisneverthat in their 2015 Spring/Summer "Lake on Fire" Collection.

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This is the similar to what Suho wore too, except that his is a black shirt white larger white font; the wordings on Chanyeol's shirt has a smaller font. Not much of a different find from Shelley's, but just thought I could put it out there. (For all you peeps who like shirts with...smaller fonts...?)
You can find it here
Next we have Xiumin and in the first car scene he is seen sporting a Army Shirt JKT in Black by Wacko Maria. It comes in khaki too. However I think the shirt is sold out (?) (from what google translate tells me). Speaking of which, the entire hemstitch blogsite is in Japanese so it's best to have google translate at hand.
You can find it here (just scroll down the blog till you see 'Wacko Maria', 'Deluxe') and buy it here (sold out for now).
That's all for this post! I have a few other finds coming up in #(5) so be sure to check out that post and the previous ones by Shelley if you have yet to do that! I'll put the links down below. (She is commendable, honestly, for all her work. ^^)

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