Nohant Sweatshirt and W Concept Review

After posting so much on Korean clothing brands, I had the opportunity to order from and check out a piece of Korean brand clothing myself. The following will be a review on the website's customer service and how the sweatshirt is.

Countless K-pop idols have worn this Love City design by the brand Nohant (Gikwang, Yunho, and Taeyong to mention a few).

Shout out to PunkyPrincess92 for letting me review this!

I ordered the Nohant Love City Seoul Sweatshirt in gray (this one). If you sign up at, you receive a 30% off coupon which is what I did. The order took about two and a half weeks to arrive which is what I expected due to the delay mentioned in the item description. For me, there were no issues ordering from them. The box came in pristine.


The tissue paper in the package shows a touch of professionalism.



Even though there are models wearing pictures of the item on the website, I wanted to see how it fit on the average non-model person. It was pleasant to find out that the sweatshirt was true to size for an American (Many times, a size large in East and Southeast Asia is a size small in the U.S.). 
I am 5 feet 4.5 inches / 164cm tall and an American size small. I ordered the medium and it was pretty roomy, check out the photos for yourself:


  I like this sweatshirt because it is a timeless classic-looking piece where fashion snobs won't go, "That's so old, it came out like 10 seasons ago." The font and color are classy, yet not distinct enough for the general population to outright know you are crazy about K-pop (unless you want everyone to know).

It's perfect for a casual autumn day outside, going to class, or just lounging around. My pictures had to be taken indoors because it was snowing heavily outside and was like 14°F / -10°C at the time.

The material is on the heavier side, not super thick but definitely not thin. The print seems to be sturdy and doesn't look like it will peel off anytime soon.

The only thing that surprised me which the website did not tell you was that the inside is not fleece but rather woven cotton. For someone with sensitive skin like me, I find it to be itchy and scratchy. However, that can be solved by wearing another layer underneath such as a T-shirt. This particular sweatshirt was not too bad, but if the material were any rougher I probably would not wear it often myself. Reader PunkyPrincess92 tried this sweatshirt on and doesn't mind it so it really depends on your preference. In fact, she loves it!

Do you own any Korean brand clothing? If so, what do you own and how is it? I'm curious to know!
Disclaimer: Neither nor Nohant paid for me to write this review.

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