KhunFany in Each Other's Hearts

Look at how 2PM's Nichkhun and SNSD's Tiffany match with the hearts!

The couple photo is actually photoshopped. This is the original photo of Tiffany (can't find the original Nichkhun one though):

Tiffany was at Incheon Airport arriving on 130920 from Japan wearing the Comme Des Garcons PLAY Striped Cotton Red Emblem Tee. Buy it here.

Nichkhun was at also Incheon Airport arriving from Bangkok (don't know exact date) wearing the Comme Des Garcons PLAY Half Heart Logo T-shirt which you can buy here.


While we're on the topic of Comme Des Garcons PLAY and airports, here's a bonus find!

Nichkhun at Incheon Airport departing to Shanghai on 140616 is wearing the Comme Des Garcons PLAY Red Heart Eyes T-shirt.

Shelley ʚ♡⃛ɞ(ू•ᴗ•ू❁)

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