How to Get Started with Eyeshadow

As a follow up to my How to Get Started with Eyeliner from before, I thought it would be the next logical step to follow up with a similar post for another eye related makeup item: eyeshadow.

Today is just part one. I'm going to focus on the most basic categories of powder shadows. Keep in mind that many people will break these eyeshadows down into more categories than just these, but for a beginner these are a good start! These are technically mac's categorizations (minus a few) but they can be used to describe other brand's finishes as well!

We'll start with four.


Matte is my favorite finish and for some is the easiest finish to start with. Matte finishes are as simple as pigment can get, absolutely no shine and no sparkle. Since lacks any sort of reflecting properties, some people consider it less natural looking and tend to avoid matte finishes because they think it looks chalky. Others prefer matte because of its clean look.

The ones pictured above are MAC espresso and NYX tryst.


Satin offers a subtle and soft sheen in finish. A satin eyeshadow offers the ability to really brighten up the eye, and due to slight light refraction, draws the eye's attention to it. Satin shadows offer a nice subtle glow and are a great starting shadow finish as well.
The ones pictured above are 100% pure Bahamas and MAKE Blue Toile.


Frosts tend to be more iridescent and thus are often used as highlights. A little bit of a highlight on the browbone or on parts of the face one would like to highlight can make a huge difference. I've always considered frost finish shadows to be quite "pearly". One thing to be cautious of is how frost shadows can settle on the skin over time. I would suggest giving a new frost shadow a test run before wearing it to a big event.

The ones pictured above are MAC Satin Taupe and Makeup Geek Prom Night.


Glitter comes in a great deal of varieties, after all, glitter comes in different sizes and types. However, as a warning, glitter sticks everywhere, and sometimes the chunkier the glitter the more cautious you have to be with your eyeshadow selection. The two here are finer glitters, but depending on what you like and what you want you can get glitter shadows in practically every sort.

The ones pictured above are Makeup Forever Diamond Powder: White Gold 2 and Urban Decay Moondust Powder: Glitter Rock

I hope this post was helpful! Let me know in the comments if there's something specific you'd like to see.


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