Fashion in Review: 4Minute's 'Crazy'

Fans have definitely gone crazy over 4Minute's "Crazy" as they have won #1 several times at several music shows. I think the immense popularity of this song warrants a fashion-in-review. Also, Gayoon was the style director of this comeback.

Starting with the outfits below (the same ones they wore in their teaser photo), we can see a 90s revival. One of the first things that stood out are the bucket hats with members' names on them. When I first saw bucket hats appear in K-pop (namely EXO's "Overdose") I thought to myself, "This is just the beginning," and I was right. What was once trendy during the 90s has become trendy all over again now. At first I thought bucket hats looked silly but now that I see them more often I've become more neutral about it.
All of the members are wearing crop tops with varying sleeve lengths. It's great to see some uniformity and difference at the same time. I believe anyone can wear crop tops. The ones with more toned midriffs can expose their bellybuttons by wearing low-rise bottoms while others can wear high-waisted bottoms.

The picture below is a near-mirror image of the outfits 4Minute is wearing above, only in white instead of black.

HyunA maintains her sexy image by showing more skin on the upper half of her body than the other members. In performances, she's the one typically wearing skinny jeans and bucket hats or beanies.
Gayoon and Jiyoon (2YOON) have similar outfits with sleeveless crop tops, except that Jiyoon has a turtleneck. They're also both wearing loose-fitting pants with Gayoon's being looser on her body. Gayoon is the one typically wearing loose pants and a headband or bandanna in performances. Jiyoon is the one who usually wears asymmetrical long shirts (or dresses, whichever you deem them as) that have a slit on one side.
Sohyun and Jihyun (2HYUN?! just kidding) have similar outfits with long-sleeve crop tops and skinny jeans or leggings. Sohyun is bringing back the harness and rocking it. She wears it a lot in live performances. As for Jihyun during music shows, she usually wears jerseys with a layer of light material, probably mesh or chiffon, underneath.

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The majority of the jewelry consists of chunky gold chains with pendants on them. It helps accent the otherwise plain-colored outfits that they have on, especially since the music video is in black and white. This was a popular trend during fall of 2013 and still seems to be continuing. Gayoon's wide-leg pants during this promotion reminds me of another 90s revival - JNCO pants. Whoever styled her has foresight because as a matter of fact, JNCO is manufacturing again this year after they closed down in 2000 when the wide-leg pants trend died down. 
My own prediction is that girl groups promoting with the sexy image in the future will be wearing strappy crops tops and bras like the ones that Sohyun and HyunA are wearing pictured below.

In the photo below you can see that each member is wearing mesh on some part of their body. We've commonly seen mesh used for leggings, shirts, and to some extent beanies but for mouth masks it's uncommon. This type of fabric knit seems to play a huge role in this group's comeback fashion.
Last fashion commentary that I would like to add is what the female backup dancers are wearing. I absolutely love the dark eye and lip makeup in contrast to the mesh mouth masks. Similar to what 4Minute is wearing, they are wearing mesh covering areas that would otherwise be bare. It helps make their outfits appear more complicated and more modest. Their large hoop earrings and necklaces with big links bring back the late 90s/early 2000s feel.

The variety of brands used in this music video is what makes the fashion so intriguing. We see eclectic style due to different brands being worn such as Supreme, Stussy, DKNY, Chromat, Jarret, Hyein Seo, and more.

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