Taeyeon in 'Shake That Brass'

Taeyeon of Girls' Generation was featured in f(x)'s Amber's solo debut single, "Shake That Brass". Although Amber is the star of the music video, I couldn't seem to find stock photos of the clothes she's wearing (yet), so I'll first post on Taeyeon.
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You know how rich and well-connected SM Entertainment is when their idols wear clothes that are luxury designer and it's not even the season for it yet.

Taeyeon is wearing the 'Drink Moschino' sleeveless wool dress from Moschino's S/S 2015 collection. Buy here.

Here she is wearing the 'Drink Moschino' bomber jacket, also from Moschino's S/S 2015 collection. Buy here.

Just to teach you something if you didn't know already, Moschino is pronounced mos-key-no, not mos-chee-no since the brand is Italian.
What do you think of Amber's song? I happen to like it a lot, although I think the choreography is a bunch of recycled moves from other K-pop dances... Oh well the song itself is fresh with the brass sounds!

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