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Who wore it better? V or Taemin

Reader Flyrhial Deschain asked us what belt the following two gentlemen are wearing. Even though we already posted on Taemin, we're glad she provided the BTS image for a "Who wore it better"!

  Bangtan Boys' V and SHINee's Taemin are wearing the Classic 3 Passants Belt from Saint Laurent which you can buy here, here, or here. The buylinks are of the same item, just different retailers in case there are shipping restrictions where you're located or if you have a preference.
V is wearing a mainly white outfit whereas Taemin is wearing a mainly black outfit. Who do you think wore the belt better?

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Also I just realized Taemin and Bangtan Boys both promoted songs called "Danger"... hahaha what a coincidence

Shelley ✩*⋆⍋☃❄ 
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