Sonamoo's 'Deja Vu'

The finds weren't hard to make per se, but it was time consuming to find the buylinks by clicking page after page of merchandise to find the right items. (I hope you appreciate my effort >_<) New and/or less popular groups tend to wear very recognizable clothing and Sonamoo is not an exception. As I stated in a previous post, anything with KKXX on it is from Stylenanda's sub-brand Kindly Kitsch & XoXo. Whichever pieces of clothing that I don't post a buylink for (Stylenanda deletes sold out buylinks because some of the stuff Sonamoo is wearing are pretty old or I accidentally skipped over some), you still know where it's from.

In Sonamoo's "Deja Vu" MV, Nahyun is wearing the Glam Chic English Crop Top (English translated from Korean) from Stylenanda. Buy here for only $16!

High.D is wearing the Sleeves Printed Crop Top also from Stylenanda. Buy here for only 38 USD!

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