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Can you believe I've been writing for K-world Style for a year already? Where did the time go? Thanks for all your love and support!

Today I'll do something kind of new. I like to teach things, so right now I will give a lesson on how to recognize Off-White clothing. Off-White is getting to be a popular brand in the K-pop industry as well as streetwear. I've seen people in New York City increasingly wear this brand.

I would like to thank the fashion gods for coveralls and Off-White popularizing them. They are helping solve the flannel-tied-around-the-waist fashion trend problem. If you look at all my posts, I'm pretty tolerant of almost everything in fashion considering how outrageous K-pop fashion can get. 
This paragraph is going to be a rant on my intense disdain for the trend of flannel shirts being tied around the waist and if you don't want to read it, you can move onto the next paragraph. It was okay when the trend first started. People dance, they get hot, they take their flannel shirts off with a tank top or T-shirt underneath, and tie it around their waist. Afterwards it became ridiculous. I see idols and people in real life wearing sweatshirts, hoodies, and even winter jackets with flannel shirts tied around their waist. Um... at what point did or do they actually wear the flannel? Over their chunky sweatshirt or hoodie? How is that possible? Do they wear it underneath? Then why don't they take their sweatshirt/hoodie off and tie that around their waist instead? It's not likely for them to go through the trouble of taking off the sweatshirt/hoodie layer, taking off the flannel layer, putting the sweatshirt/hoodie layer back on, and tying the flannel around their waist. The only excuses are if someone fell butt-first into a puddle of mud or an unprepared female's "time of the month" came and they need something to conceal the mess on the seat of their pants. Simply put, it became an awful fashion trend. I don't like the way it flaps around when idols perform, especially in dance practice videos.

In the picture above, Sonamoo is wearing Off-White coveralls. The sleeves are tied around their waist but they are attached to the pants so nothing is flapping all over place. As you can see in their "Deja Vu" MV when they do the booty popping or any sharp hip movement, nothing flaps anywhere. Coveralls - 1, Flannels - 0

Deep into this post, the lesson officially starts now :P
How to recognize Off-White clothing:
1) If it says "WHITE" and/or has parallel diagonal lines running over the number 13

2) Distinctive patches


3) COVERALLS!! Check out the screenshots from JJCC's "Fire" MV

Notice the "WHITE" text, parallel lines over the number 13, and patches I just mentioned

Eddy gets hot

  Eddy ties sleeves around his waist. How logical! Coveralls - 2, Flannels - 0

San Cheong is wearing flannel correctly

When I saw this my blood was about to boil

But the flannel just happened to be really long ^^; JJCC earned my respect.

Wow my rant was longer than the lesson. The lesson seemed longer in my head >_> You can check the links below to see our previous posts of Off-White to get a better idea of the brand!

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