Kpop Fashion Trend: Square Print Shirts

Each store has a different name for this design so I made up the term in the title but once you see the following images you'll know what I'm talking about. Square print shirts have been around for a bit but around last season and this season is when it became popular (To the nerds out there, yes some of the prints are technically rectangles). If you ask me, it's not a bad trend since it can be printed on anything. It really depends on the content of the square, like what it says or what it has an image of. Most importantly, it depends on how it fits with the rest of the outfit. This trend is on the print/graphics side, which some people don't consider as fashion.

    Warning: Image heavy

  Opening Ceremony was one of the first noticeable brands to have the square block design. A few days ago we posted on T-ara's Soyeon wearing Opening Ceremony with the block print. Many brands like to include text inside the blocks.

She also wore a T-shirt from Zara with the rectangle print.


We also posted f(x)'s Krystal wearing Arche with the same concept. I really like the black against the pale pink!

 Arche's sub-brand Arche Reve came out with a bunch of square print designs. They took it to the next level and used glitter and/or sequins for their squares.

Just to further prove my point, while I was making this post one of my friends passed by and she graciously agreed to let me snap a picture of her. Doesn't she look so cool? She is definitely trendy.

The square print has also appeared on the back of shirts. Do you recognize this design?
It's from Nohant. We posted K-pop celebrities like Gikwang, Yunho, and Taeyong wearing this clever text design.

I'd like to end the post with shiny (sorry not SHINee) and patterned squares from Starstyling because who doesn't like looking at their stuff. Enjoy the visuals!



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