Klenspop Circle Lens Review: EXY 3 COLOR Gray

Klenspop graciously sent me a pair of circle lenses to review. They let me pick a pair and I went with the EXY 3 COLOR Gray. Here are all the colors they offer from the same circle lens series.

Circle lens information
Power Range: 0.00
Diameter: 14.0 mm
Graphic Diameter: 13.2mm
Base Curve Radius: 8.6 mm
Water Content: 38%
Disposable: 1 year
Country of origin: South Korea 
Certifications: ISO CE KGMP

 The package arrived pretty quickly after they contacted me. From Korea to the United States, it took less than 2 weeks.


Inside, it is packaged neatly and well. 

Taken out of box. Bubble wrap protection is good!



Bubble wrap taken off. Front of the box! (Doesn't she remind you of Taeyeon a little bit? If not then well... it's just me) 


Back of the box! How nice of them to include directions and cute diagrams, especially for first-time users.

Contents inside the box include
- tweezers (used instead of fingers to grab the lenses)
- contact lens case
 - circle lenses


So excited to try them on! Here we go! 


I used my fingers to take the lenses out of the bottle so I could rinse them in contact solution before putting them in the case. As soon as I touched them, I could tell that the lens are good quality. They felt thick and not flimsy whatsoever. It has a soft, gelatin-like texture.

 My eyes without lenses

One eye with a circle lens and one eye without one for comparison

My eyes with Klenspop circle lenses

Comfort Level 5/5  

The way the lens felt on my eyes were the way I expected them to feel - quite comfortable. They felt like excellent quality in my hands and on my eyes. Also, easy to put on. No complaints!

Design and color 5/5
I'm loving the color. From the outside edges towards the center, the color gradually gets lighter which is very natural looking. The beautiful, simple but elegant design further makes the lenses look natural. The little spaces between the gray are clear, letting some of my brown eye color show. Doesn't it look like I could've been born with these lenses for my eyes? 

Overall 5/5
This pair of lenses is one of the high quality items that Klenspop offers, which I can attest to after trying them on. The enlargement effect is very slight, which is great since I prefer a more natural look. I actually find huge "dolly" eyes on humans a little scary. These are the kind of colored lenses that are great for a casual day, where you can change up the way you look subtly. I think these are excellent for people with dark eyes (which is the majority of the population). Most likely the gray will appear lighter on those with lighter eyes since these lenses are not opaque. All in all, EXY 3 COLOR has my seal of approval and I recommend these!

 Disclaimer: Klenspop has sponsored the lens, but this is my own honest review.

Shelley ✩*⋆⍋☃❄   

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