Hey Halo

New group on this site for the new year! HALO (which actually stands for "Hexagon of Absolute Light and the Organization") had an Mwave Meet & Greet on 141216 to promote their 2nd Single Album 'Hello HALO'. If you want to watch it (without English subs though) click here.  

I noticed a familiar pattern on the sweater that Yoondong is wearing. He has on the Swallow Print Sweater in black from McQ by Alexander McQueen. It's made from a mohair blend! The exact type of sweater he's wearing is sold out but you can buy the roll neck version here.

Here are some other clothing of the same print that you can check out by clicking on them:
Shelley ✩*⋆⍋☃❄
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Image Credits: Mwave, jamestudor
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