Want to be a K-world Style writer?

K-world Style is now recruiting! If you like K-pop fashion and writing, we'd love to have you on board. Our website is primarily K-pop and K-drama fashion finds, and we have other features such as fashion commentary, get the look, and more.

Here are the requirements:

- Must be 15 or over
- Fluent in English
- Follows K-pop
- Interested in K-pop fashion and writing
- Willing to contribute at least an article per week
- HTML and/or XML knowledge a plus

If you fit the requirements, feel free to apply! Please fill out the following form with your name, email address, and a comment about your K-pop fashion and/or writing knowledge and/or experience. If you have any previous works we can take a look at, you can submit the link in the website part.

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