Jessica for Marie Claire Magazine

Jessica Jung has been busy in the fashion world and showed up on the cover of Marie Claire Magazine December 2014 issue. All the dresses she wore in this photo shoot are from the Christian Dior Resort 2015 collection. The jewellery (or jewelry if you're American like me) are from Dior Joaillerie ("joaillerie" is French for jewellery).

The great thing about most magazines is that in the caption of photos they tell you what the celebrities are wearing. Although the magazine cover doesn't say what Jessica is wearing, one can make an educated guess where it's from since the pattern is the same as another dress that has a caption telling you where it's from.

 The Dior Joaillerie collections, in my opinion, are so beautiful. The craftsmanship is top notch and extremely pleasing to the eye (though probably not pleasing to the wallet/bank account). On the front cover she is wearing a ring from the Rose Dior Bagatelle collection. It is 18K white gold and diamonds.


The two rings pictured above are from the Rose Dior Pré Catelan collection. On her left hand the ring is 18K pink gold and made of amethyst and diamond. On her right hand the right is also 18K pink gold and made of amethysts and diamonds (plural because it's larger).

Stay tuned for a couple more finds from this photo spread!

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