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While I was editing yesterday's finds of Jessica I was thinking, " is totally gonna steal this," and what do you know, I couldn't have been more right :P Marie Claire Magazine outright stated what Jessica was wearing in the captions yet they still took the finds from this website, how lazy can they get -___- They couldn't make the educated guess that everything she wore is from Dior and had to wait until we posted it? That website is completely a combination of stolen finds from original K-pop fashion websites, yet they have a request line! What's the point of them having a request line when they don't know anything or can't do anything for themselves? I just don't understand. Rant over. 
Both dresses that Jessica Jung wore in Marie Claire Magazine December 2014 issue are from the Christian Dior Resort 2015 collection

I like the black undergarment Jessica is wearing that contrasts with the white crochet, to me she wears the dress better than the runway model on the right.

The sunglasses are from Jessica's brand BLANC & ECLARE. She started out her fashion line with eyewear and will expand to fragrance and ready-to-wear by spring 2015. This sunglasses model is called Seoul in white. Buy them from her website here.

Feel free to disagree with me here, but I think the top half and bottom half of the dress clash in terms of color...

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Jessica for Marie Claire Magazine

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