Group Name Took Me By 5urprise

While I was scrolling through K-pop idol images, I came across this photo of Seo Kang Joon from 5urprise in Sure Magazine December 2014 issue. I didn't know about 5urprise until I came across this image and was surprised at the idol group name (pun maybe intended). I said out loud, "Five-urprise? What kind of a name is that?!" As someone who likes K-pop, I am almost always accepting of creative group names but this was just a little too silly :P Fortunately, my friend next to me who probably likes K-pop more than me laughed and corrected, "It's pronounced 'surprise', a group with 5 members." Phew okay just like how B2ST is pronounced "Beast" and not "Batoost" (unless you're Simon and Martina).

Anyway, Seo Kang Joon is wearing a teddy bear bomber jacket and gray sweatshirt from pushBUTTON's A/W 2014 collection.
First 5urprise post on this site yay~

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Image Credits: Sure Magazine, pushBUTTON
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