Fashion in Review: 'Dirty Vibe'

Earlier today, G-Dragon and CL's collaboration with Skrillex (titled "Dirty Vibe") was released. If you have yet to see it, here is the video:

I feel like in an effort to be the more western definition of "urban", hip hop artists like G-Dragon and CL take common clothing troops to the extreme. For example, "gangsta" chains and grillz and overall appropriated items. Perhaps I am just bored of seeing Korean artists whose hip-hop is less urban rap (like, let's say Dok2 or Tiger JK) and more like over-saturated pop/rap. 

Here is a fashion summary of the completely ridiculous "Dirty Vibe" wardrobe:

GD appears first in what I'm going to call the "base scene", because it's the scene that the MV keeps coming back to in between more fun/wild shots. While I appreciate the use of more diverse models/dancers (racially and by body-type), I am a bit frustrated that their clothing so clearly screams "objectified". If they were dancing perhaps that would be a different matter, but they are in crop tops and bathing suit/ underwear bottoms and literally just standing behind GD. In the second image, you can more clearly see that the girl with her hair down is wearing what appears to be child-sized shin guards. I just don't get what's A. sexy or B. cool about shin guards? I think the girls have cool shoes, and while I don't really understand their masks/ necklaces, I think they add to a more modern/ futuristic vibe.
In this frame, GD is wearing white on white, which I think compliments the girls' clothing and the background well. However, I am not really understanding which cigarette packs are included with what appear to be awareness ribbons and skulls. I always find it interesting when, in a meta-esque manner, the name of the song is incorporated into the video, and so I think it was a cool choice to have "Dirty Vibe" repeated over and over on GD's top. 

 I honestly don't know how to approach these shots of CL. She is so pretty, and I think her makeup looks great, but I am just thrown off by the fur cuffs on both her crop top and boots. Especially the boots. This look remind me of Josie and The Pussycat Dolls mixed with Moschino. I don't get the platform sandals with the thigh-high, completely-not-flattering leg warmers? Boots? I don't even know how many parts her leg paraphernalia are composed of. 

I have no idea if her hair says anything, but this still looks quite artistic in my opinion. Obviously, something like this is staged purely for the sake of the music video. I can't imagine CL going to an awards show with a bandana around her eyes.

 First rule of trench-coat wearing: pair it with slimmer pants! For real though, CL mixes quite a lot in this look. The sunglasses and trench coats are nod to The Matrix. While he shoes are fancier. Her turtleneck jumpsuit needs to burn. In fact, all turtlenecks need to burn. I know CL is a huge fan of the leotard/ bathing suit look, and I fully support her in that, but turtlenecks look far too suffocating. The pants are alright, but I am not a huge fan of them combined with everything else in this look. The giant hoop earrings, thick gold chain, and fingerless gloves look trashy not classy together. Or maybe it's the sweatpants-heels combo, which sometimes works, but definitely not when said sweatpants look three sizes too big for their wearer. 

I just want to finish by pointing out GD's pleather fedora* and seriously massive amount of chains. Between the metal on his pants, around his neck, and in his mouth, I bet he's quite weighed down.

*KWS writer, Shelley, has pointed out that this is in fact a "bucket hat", and it's very popular in Kpop MVs as of late. 

tl;dr: "Dirty Vibe" is all about faux fur, masks, and chains

What are your thoughts? Have I been too harsh?
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