Mini Chinese Mandarin lesson!
离开 means to leave or depart. In pinyin (Chinese phonetic spelling), 离开 is Líkāi.
It's evident that as of now Luhan is an inactive member of EXO, so the title is a spelling pun by me replacing the "Li" with "Lu" from Luhan.
Or it could be a ship of Luhan and Kai, but that wasn't what I intended.
(Branding companies, if you need anyone to come up with a name for your product please call me)

This photo scan is from EXO's "Die Jungs" photobook
On the left, Luhan is wearing the Keyholes Cable Long Shawl Cardigan in black by Munsoo Kwon. The price may or may not surprise you depending on your expectations of how much you think things should cost vs. knowing the price range of clothing that K-pop idols wear. Stock photo above and buylink here are the same item with a different pattern scheme because I couldn't find a working buylink of the exact one that Luhan is wearing.
On the right, Kai is wearing the Laminating Sweatpants also by Munsoo Kwon. After writing for this site for 10 months, no matter what the price is, it doesn't surprise me anymore :P Buylink here.

ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ Shelley

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