Let's Go Back to History

First History post on this site yay~ I'm glad I came across this group now than later. Their song "What Am I To You" is so infectious with its Michael Jackson and Latin pop styles. The vocals are so smooth! See what I mean by watching the MV here (careful it's rated 19+) and the performance version here. Even though it came out 10 months ago, I still managed to make a couple of finds from their "What Am I To You" MV and working buylinks :D (I only saw the MV and heard the song 2 days ago)

Jaeho is wearing the 'Back For Good' T-Shirt by BACK By Ann-Sofie. Buy here.

Kyungil is wearing The Hundreds Is Huge T-shirt from none other than The Hundreds. The only working buylink is the crewneck sweatshirt version on eBay here.

Sadly this is one of the talented groups that is underrated and deserve more recognition than they currently have (in my opinion). I'm an example of not noticing them sooner :/

Shelley ( ๑ ᴖ ᴈ ᴖ)ᴖ ᴑ ᴖ๑)❣

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