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First JJCC post on this site! I am on a roll. Because the group is under Jackie Chan's guidance, I bet there's a lot of expectation from them. I know when I first read about them before they debuted, I told everyone I knew who cared about what goes on in K-pop.

I like their song "BingBingBing (빙빙빙)" or "One Way" more than their debut song because it's way more catchy to me. The two finds I made are from their dance practice video of this song. Did anyone else think the circle pushups were cool? I wonder how much arm muscle they gained from practicing the dance routine (does this also remind anyone of B.A.P's "One Shot" XD).


First up is leader Simba (like from the Lion King haha) wearing the Digital Head Print T-shirt by Christopher Kane. You may buy or view the sweatshirt version here as the T-shirt version is sold out.


Second up is Prince Mak wearing the BLACK APP SST SESAME CREWNECK from a New Era x Sesame Street collaboration. I'm not sure what the white thing on Prince Mak's chest is... Buy or look at it here. 

I just want to also warn others, their Halloween version of this has a screamer at the end in case people out there get triggered by those. It's not as extreme as the regular prank ones, but personally I hate any type of screamers.

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